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For a free initial consultation on your family matter please call our family law team at Adam Solicitors or leave your details on our enquiry form and we will call you back.


We understand that ending a relationship is usually an emotional time for the parties concerned. At Adam Solicitors we will work with you during this difficult time to achieve an outcome that is efficient that caters for your individual needs.


In English Law there is only one basis for divorce / dissolution of a civil partnership, that is, that the marriage, civil partnership has irretrievably broken down.


The following grounds can be used to demonstrate that breakdown


  1.                   a) Unreasonable behaviour
  2.                   b) 2 years separation with consent
  3.                   c) Desertion
  4.                   d) Adultery (divorce only)
  5.                   e) 5 years separation


At Adam Solicitors we will give you simple, cost effective and honest advice in relation to the breakdown of your relationship.

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