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You can apply for a Special Visit Visa for the following reasons

· as a child visitor;

· for private medical treatment;

· for marriage;

· as a parent of a child at school;

· as a student visitor;

· as a prospective student;

· as a visitor in transit.

Special Visitors will generally be granted a 6 month visa except

· If you are a parent of a child at school, you can stay for up to 12 months; or

· If you are a visitor in transit, you can stay for 48 hours.


To be eligible you must show that

· you will stay in the UK no longer than 6 months

· you will be able to maintain and accommodate yourself during your stay without recourse to public funds and / or employment

· you can afford the ticket for you return home or onward journey

· you do not qualify as a visitor falling into another category

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for there may be other specific requirements.


· In most cases you will be granted a visa for up to 6 months

· You may be allowed multiple entries during this 6 month period

· You will be free to travel around and explore the UK during your visit

Adam Solicitors has the knowledge and expertise to advise assist you and guide you throughout the process of your Application as a Special Visitor.

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