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Medical Regulatory


According to the Medical Defense Union, every doctor will receive at least one complaint during their career, no matter how carefully or skillfully they practice, sometimes years after the incident has occurred.


If you are facing disciplinary action, your reputation and livelihood may at stake. It is therefore vital the expert legal action is sought at the earliest possible time, as the chances of achieving a favorable outcome may depend on the approach taken at the outset.


Our team of professional conduct and disciplinary solicitors will support you at every stage of proceedings. In defending your interests, we will act on your behalf with investigation bodies, help you prepare for any interviews and hearings, and protect your position throughout the process.


Our solicitors provide specialist representation to doctors facing proceedings before the General Medical Council from initial refferal and investigation through to full Fitness to Practice hearings. We deal with a variety of cases, ranging from registration issues to allegations of serious misconduct.


We also provide representation to various other medical and health professionals and we pride ourselves on securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

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