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Motoring Offences

We have a wealth of experience in defending motoring offences and criminal charges. We have assisted clients on the following types of matters when they have faced the possibility of losing their licence and advise you on a possible defence.

  1. Drink driving / drunk in charge of a motor vehicle
  2. Driving whilst under the influence of drugs
  3. Failure to provide a specimen
  4. Dangerous driving / death by dangerous driving
  5. Druving without due care and attention / careless driving
  6. Driving whilst using a mobile phone
  7. Failure to stop / failure to report an accident
  8. Failure to identify a driver accused of an offence
  9. Totting up of penalty points leading to a disqulification
  10. Driving without insurance
  11. Driving without a licence / driving while disqualified
  12. Defences - special reasons / exceptional hardship
  13. Application to restore a driving licence during a disqulafication

Contary to popular beleif it is possible to mount a successful defence against such charges and it may be possible to avoid disqualification in cases where this would couse exceptional hardship, or where special reasons can be shown in mitigation. Some examples of what may constitute exceptional hardship include:

Loss of a Job. This will not normally in itself qualify as exceptional hardship unless a convincing case ca be put that the impact would be so exceptional as to warrant leniency.or key

An impact on a dependent or a family member who has a disability or serious health problem and who relies on the driver for mobility.

A risk to the employment of others whose jobs could be put at risk by the disqualification of the driver. For example a business owner or key employee whose disqualification could severly impact the running of a company.

These are merely examples and not intended to be exhaustive; there may be a vast array of other possible factual circumstances which may arise.

We will provide a friendly and efficient service and guide you through the process, including representation at court if necessary.


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