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An increasing number of drivers simply fail to stop after an accident, leaving the scene before they can be traced. Others give false particulars, especially if driving a stolen vehicle. A growing number of people drive without any insurance and since many of them have limited personal financial resources, they are unlikely to stop if they can get away.


Under the Road Traffic Act 1988 a driver must stop when involved in a road accident resulting in injury; or damage to his or her vehicle. That driver must give details of his name, address and vehicle registration number, if requested on reasonable grounds; otherwise he or she should report the accident to the police. Failure to do so is an offence.


If a driver fails to stop and you can not get their details you can not bring a personal injury and related losses claim. This presents an obvious problem for you if you have suffered injury or other loss or damage as a result of a hit and run or untraced driver.


You can not pursue a claim against an untraced or hit and run because there is no identifiable defendant. Fortunately, you can apply for compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau under the Untraced Drivers' Agreement.


If you suspect that the driver or one of the drivers responsible for your injury may have given false particulars or be untraced then you must act promptly to preserve your right to claim compensation.


In order to protect your right to claim compensation, you should report the accident to the police straight away.


If you would like to know how Adam Solicitors can help you with your untraced driver personal injury claim please complete our short contact form and we will get in touch with you.


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