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Through a combination of agile, remote working and office presence we remain operational and able to assist our clients. We can do this in many different ways.

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Adam Solicitors deals with all aspects of Landlord & Tenant such as Rent Arrears Recovery and Possession proceedings through the courts, including representation at Hearings.


For Landlords, Adam Solicitors can advise on the legal obligations to tenants including rent deposits, property maintenance and all aspects of debt recovery and property repossession.


Our services include:


         Problem tenants – unpaid rent or unreasonable behaviour

         Breaches of Tenancy Agreements from either the Landlord or Tenant

         How to bring a fixed term tenancy to an end

         How to evict a tenant during a fixed term tenancy or after it has expired

         Claims by a tenant of unlawful eviction

         Arrears Recovery for Rent & Service Charges

          Possession Proceedings for property

          Representation in the Courts

          Service Charge & Dilapidations issues

          Negotiating settlement terms


Landlord & Tenant is difficult and specialist area of law, and you do not want to leave yourself open to possible claims for unlawful eviction or harassment by your tenant. We can offer you expert, uncomplicated, and above all practical, advice on how to try to resolve any problems with tenants, and also in navigating the complex legal requirements when trying to bring a tenancy to an end.


An early assessment of the legal merits of your case will give you a realistic view of your chances of success. It will also provide you with confidence you need to decide whether negotiation with the tenant is possible, or whether stronger legal action is required. We will discuss with you the solutions that may result in your case being settled without the need for court proceedings. We believe that the best results can be achieved by a focused approach and the ability to negotiate in highly contentious situations. However, if settlement is not possible we provide focused support, practical guidance, and effective representation in taking your matter to Court.  


If you simply wish to bring the tenancy to an end then we can advise you on which methods are open to you. There are numerous ways to determine a tenancy, based not only on the type of tenancy that has been entered into, but also on the date of the tenancy, the facts of your case, time frames and costs. We can offer fixed fee rates for most forms of possession proceedings.


For tenants, we can advise on the following:


          Potential eviction proceedings

         The landlord’s responsibilities under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme

          How to force a landlord to comply with the Tenancy Agreement

          Remedying breaches by the landlord of the Agreement

          The legal and practical ramifications of one or more people leaving the property when the tenancy is in joint names

          Harassing behaviour by the landlord

          Unlawful eviction


We can help with any claims you may have for rent arrears and possession, and we can negotiate re-payment terms with the Landlord/Managing Agents on your behalf. We can also handle despair claims and other breaches of covenant, service charge and dilapidation issues, disputes with Managing Agents, recovery of deposits and overpayments.


We outline our costs to you at the outset and fixed fee structures are available.

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